Utilization of GPPS*1 recycling technology
We are working to expand the use of recycled plastic by utilizing technology to improve the transparency of GPPS recycled plastic, which is mixed with impurities.

*1 General purpose polystyrene

画像: Expanded Use of Recycled Plastics
  • In order to achieve a high degree of transparency, we evaluated and studied recycled pellets together with recycled material manufacturers, and establishedawashing process and a salt water sorting process in the manufacturing process. This removes impurities and enables the raw material to be recycled from its brown color to a transparent GPPS.
  • By adopting GPPS recycled plastic with high transparency which can be used for interior parts of refrigerators, we are expanding the use of recycled plastic in our products.

画像: RefrigeratorsColor tone of GPPS by recycling process


Efforts to expand the use of recycled plastic for design parts
Many large plastic components are used in the design parts, and applying recycled plastic to the design parts is essential for expanding their use.

  • Plastic materials may contain black carbides due to the generation of gas stains during the manufacturing process of recycled plastics.Since carbides appear as black spots on the design part of the product, these parts had to be discarded.
  • Since white appearance is popular for washing machines, the exterior components are white-based hues. For this reason, only inconspicuous large plastic components are colored gray.
  • By changing from white to gray color, the black carbides produced during the manufacture of recycled plastic materials can be made less noticeable, thereby reducing defects that occur during part molding and reducing waste.
画像: Washer/Dryer

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless stick vacuum cleaner PV-BH900SL

As with the 2022 model PV-BH900SK, this product uses at least 40% recycled plastic by weight in the plastic materials used for the handle cover of the product body and the accessory, a stand-type battery charger. In addition, the type of recycled plastic used is reviewed from the perspective of availability and texture, and is actively utilized while maintaining a high sense of quality.

Furthermore, we continue to give consideration to recyclability by eliminating secondary processing such as painting and printing as much as possible, which are likely to result in foreign substances when the product is disposed of or recycled.

In recognition of this environmentally friendly manufacturing and design that is in tune with people's lifestyles, we were also able to receive the Good Design Gold Award 2022 for our new product PV‐BH900SL, which we received for the 2022 Model PV-BH900SK. It also received the iF Design Award 2023 and Red Dot Design Award 2023, two of the world's three major design awards.

画像1: Stick Vacuum Cleaner

画像2: Stick Vacuum Cleaner

画像3: Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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