Disseminating information to stakeholders is vitally important in working towards a sustainable society. The Group discloses environmental information appropriately through environmental reporting. We also disseminate information to suppliers and customers through briefings to trading partners, websites, and other channels.

Disseminating information to suppliers

The Group investigates chemical contents of materials and parts, in line with the Hitachi Group Green Procurement Guidelines, which is published by the Hitachi Group, in order to manage those chemical contents. Such investigation requires the understanding and cooperation of its suppliers, so that the Group holds a briefing session for its suppliers when necessary, thereby seeking their understanding and collaboration. During briefings, we explain our Green Procurement Guidelines, the latest trends in laws and regulations governing chemical substances in each country and the methods for analyzing chemical substances contained in products.

Disseminating information to customers

In our catalogs, etc., we strive to clearly convey information on the energy-saving performance of products, so that customers can make suitable choices of energy-saving products. Specifically, we clearly state the energy saving standard attainment rates and annual power consumption for products which have high power consumption, such as refrigerators. We also explain where energy-saving technologies are used.

The Group also strives to help its customers save electric energy by presenting the points of effective energy saving that they can follow at home through its websites, where such information is summarized for each product.

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