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Creating a Sustainable Society via Digital and Green Innovations

Hitachi Group’s long-term environmental goals — “Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050”画像1: Environmental Activities

Overview and Goals of “exiida” Air-Conditioning IoT Solution, a Lumada Solution画像2: Environmental Activities

“exiida” is a coined word that combines “ex” (expansion) + (Internet) + (Individuality) + (Data), and it represents the concept of connecting Hitachi’s AC and refrigeration systems to the Internet for taking on the challenge of creating new value.

The Hitachi Group has identified 6 important issues (“materialities”) in sustainability management. One of them is the environment and as a climate change innovator we provide value to our customers in all business segments with our superior green technologies. We also contribute to achieving a carbon neutral society as we promote recycling and transitioning to a resource circulating economy.
Our “Environmental Vision” elucidates Hitachi’s vision for the society it aims for from a long-term perspective, in light of global environmental challenges, including the climate change crisis. We formulated long-term environmental goals with our “Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050” to achieve this vision, and it calls for creating a “low-carbon society,” “a resource efficient society” and “a society harmonized with nature.”
Hitachi Global Life Solutions is promoting purpose-based environmental management. We formulate an Environmental Action Plan every three years, based on “Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050” and we promote activities that integrate products and digital technologies. In order to strengthen these efforts, we established an Environmental Committee, which is chaired by our president and director, in 2022 to study various measures for 2030 and 2050.
To achieve a low-carbon society, we provide products that offer excellent energy-savings and functionality, as well as products, services and solutions that take environmental conservation into account. We are being proactive in increasing in-house power generation by installing solar power systems and purchasing renewable energy, which started with the head office. Expansion to multiple sites in the future is under consideration. Further, we are accelerating the reduction of CO2
emissions in our production processes by pushing the introduction of highly efficient equipment via our Hitachi Internal Carbon Pricing System.
In addition, in line with the revision of the Act on Rational Use and Appropriate Management of Fluorocarbons, which came into effect last August, we promptly started working to solve various environmental issues via efforts such as quickly offering our periodic inspection service for the Act on Rational Use and Appropriate Management of Fluorocarbons, as an optional menu item of the Lumada solution, “exiida Remote Monitoring and Predictive Diagnosis.”
As part of our efforts to achieve a resource efficient society, we are promoting measures to reduce water consumption and waste in production processes, to increase recycling, and extend life in product life cycles and reduce food loss.
Among which, we are working to promote the construction of foundations for lifestyles in which goods are recycled as resources. To promote the efficient use of resources, we launched sales of refurbished items in the home appliance section of our own EC (electronic commerce) site. We have a plant for recycling home appliances (Kanto Eco Recycle Co., Ltd.) on the premises of our Tochigi Plant, which is a production base, and we have established a system that allows us to engage in the entire process, from manufacturing to recycling. Further, everyone in the Hitachi Global Life Solutions Group is working to build plastic recycling systems for recycling their own home appliance products. As an example of our initiatives to increase the use of recycled plastic in our products, this summer we made a stick vacuum cleaner that uses over 40% recycled plastic. In addition, we have launched products that contribute to reducing food loss, such as smart stockers and cameraequipped refrigerators, which connect to smartphones and help manage food stocks.
We aim to coexist in harmony with nature by making things in an environmentally friendly way, as we continue to create life solutions that contribute to consumers’ quality of life via digital and green innovations, all in our efforts to create a sustainable society that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Using Lumada to Build a Resource Recycling Foundation for Home Appliance Business画像3: Environmental Activities

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