Reducing the environmental burden of the entire value chain is the key to achieving the SDGs and the goals of “Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050.”
This is a report on the efforts of the group toward becoming a Low-carbon Society, Resource Efficient Society and Society Harmonized with Nature.

In order to achieve our Environmental Vision by promoting purpose-based environmental management, we monitor the environmental impacts of our business activities and fully implement a PDCA cycle to reduce them.
We are continuously obtaining ISO14001 certification at individual manufacturing sites. We are also establishing new environmental management systems and promoting various environmental measures along with performing meticulous evaluations of our activities.

Environmental Conservation Guidelines

The Group has set its Environmental Conservation Guidelines, to present our policies for environmental conservation efforts concerning industrial activities. The Environmental Conservation Guidelines are based on the Conduct Guidelines of the Hitachi Group as their basic philosophy, and consist of 10 items. The Group considers that one of its top priorities in management is to realize a sustainable society harmonized with the environment under these guidelines, and accordingly has been tackling various environmental actions.

The full text of the Environmental Conservation Guidelines is presented on our website (Japanese language only).

Promotion system for environmental management

We established an Environmental Committee in April 2022 to bolster our efforts in promoting environmental value enhancement. The president and director is responsible for chairing this committee, while the director of each business vice-chairs it.
The committee deliberates and decides on environmental strategies, policies and action plans, with the goal of steadily benefitting from these strategies and firmly establishing environmental management by promoting companywide environmental activities. In addition, the committee also discusses measures to prevent environment-related problems, as well as improving operations and environmental activities. Based on the decisions made at these meetings, the Environmental Promotion Dept., manufacturing bases, head offices, branches, service centers and group companies collaborate to promote each measure.

画像: Environmental Management

Achievements from the 2021 Environmental Action Plan

The Group establishes a concrete Action Plan every three years to achieve its Environmental Vision.
The Hitachi Global Life Solutions Group 2021 Environmental Action Plan (hereafter, 2021 Environmental Action Plan) was a 3-year plan formulated in fiscal 2018, which we worked on from fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2021 in pursuit of our long-term environmental targets in “Environmental Innovation 2050.” We spearheaded environmental activities under this plan for the 3 years leading up to fiscal 2021, and were able to achieve all of its targets.

画像: Achievements from the 2021 Environmental Action Plan

2024 Environmental Action Plan

Hitachi Global Life Solutions has established its targets for the 2024 Environmental Action Plan, which will be implemented over the next three years. Its main initiatives are listed below.

画像: 2024 Environmental Action Plan

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